Amrita Rao Bollywood Wallpapers

Amrita Rao’s Short Kut movie wallpapers

Amrita Rao’s Short Kut movie wallpapers. Shortkut is a young heart warming slice of life comedy about the trials and tribulations of two con artists, a struggling director and actor and the zany situations they face in the pursuit of their tinsel town dreams!

Shekhar (Akshaye Khanna), an aspiring assistant director, and Chandu (Arshad Warsi), a wannabe junior artiste, meet each other while struggling to make it in the film industry. While Shekhar is supremely talented and confident, Chandu is a buffoon and a non actor who thinks he is God’s gift to Bollywood!

As luck would have it, Chandu manages to steal Shekhar’s prized script and is catapulted to super stardom. Following this incident, Shekhar plunges into a phase of self pity and dejection, which results in his wife Mansi (Amrita Rao) leaving him! Shattered, Shekhar is now looking for that golden chance to get even with Chandu. What follows is an absolutely hilarious tale of con, deceit, super stardom and subsequent fall.

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