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Asin – Cosmopolitan India (June 2011)

Asin – Cosmopolitan India (June 2011). Asin Features On The Cover Of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Indian edition for the month of June 2011. In this edition, she told that Immature men turns her off but it is other way, she looks more immature than the men around her. Anyway checkout Asin Cosmopolitan.

3 thoughts on “Asin – Cosmopolitan India (June 2011)

  1. I know women that are like Asin; hot, attractive and intelligent, they really think the world is at their feet and all men should be grateful in getting any piece of attention from them. Wait till they cross the 30s and their make-believe world crashes down faster than a house of cards. Moreover, they have an unhealthy puritanical attitude towards sex. I never saw Asin do a single sex scene in all her movies; she probably hates that kind of depiction. She does not ooze any oomph factor. Such women don’t really believe in pleasing men, they are looking for something ideal and romantic which does not exist in reality. Asin has the gall to call most men “immature”, I bet her definition of immaturity is not earning a lot of money or being successful enough. It’s a good thing she’s a movie star, if Asin were an ordinary woman, she would be surprised to see her declining demand beyond a certain age.

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