Photoshoot Sonal Chauhan

Exclusive : Sonal Chauhan in a hottest photoshoot

Sonal Chauhan is the hottest new comer this year with “Jannat”. She seems to have most prominent future ahead among all the new comer which enter in bollywood this year. This days she is not in news due to her films but in news due to her other work than movies. She is busy visiting parties and making relation which could help her in future. Apart from that she is busy doing photoshoots. She did one photoshoot in recent past , now one more photoshoot she did. And it is more hotter that last one.

sonal_bollyupdatescom05 sonal_bollyupdatescom04 sonal_bollyupdatescom03 sonal_bollyupdatescom02 sonal_bollyupdatescom01

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