Giselle Monteiro Photoshoot

Giselli Monteiro Photoshoot For Indian Bridal Wear

Giselli Monteiro Photoshoot For Indian Bridal Wear. Giselli looks lovely in Indian Dresses particular. Though she is Brazilian, she is only few of the foreigners on whom Indian dress fits perfectly. Checkout Giselli Monteiro Photoshoot.

2 thoughts on “Giselli Monteiro Photoshoot For Indian Bridal Wear

  1. This chic Geselli has got good potential of future. Her debut movie Love Aaj Kal was a hit. And her second movie the Red Chillies Entertainment produced Always Khabhi Kabhi thoguh not commercial success but still has got fab reivews. Atta girl way to go. Wish to see sparkles from you in future.

  2. What’s wrong with Bollywood? Is there such a shortage of beautiful and properly speaking Hindi girls that they have to hire foreigners! Totally disgusting. I don’t watch Hindi movies to see all these white, non-desi girls!!!! What’s wrong with hiring authentic Indians for Hindi movies???

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