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Gorgeous Kangna Ranaut at the launch of My E-Bike Foton

Kangna Ranaut – unorthodox actress of Bollywood. This days she seems to be happy following success of Fashion movie. Kangana Ranuat arrived wearing black dress at the launch of My E-Bike at Vie Lounge on December 1st 2008. Brinda Parekh along with Big Boss 2 fame Alina (Elina) Wadiwala came with her sister Sana of the event.


kangna_my_ebike_bollyupdatescom4.jpg kangna_my_ebike_bollyupdatescom5.jpg kangna_my_ebike_bollyupdatescom6.jpg kangna_my_ebike_bollyupdatescom7.jpg kangna_my_ebike_bollyupdatescom8.jpg kangna_my_ebike_bollyupdatescom1.jpg kangna_my_ebike_bollyupdatescom2.jpg kangna_my_ebike_bollyupdatescom3.jpg

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