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Kareena Kapoor – Filmfare Magazine (November 2009)

Kareena Kapoor – Filmfare Magazine (November 2009). Kareena Kapoor on the cover of Filmfare Magazine. Man, Stop Kareena from doing this crap, they looks boring when they are together and also personally I am getting bored with overdose to show there relationship, aren’t you guys ? do share your opinion on this relationship. 😀 I hope Kurbaan register a biggest flop of the decade and there show off relation also take a break and Kareena move on her life with ease and comfort.  Anyway check Kareena Kapoor.


One thought on “Kareena Kapoor – Filmfare Magazine (November 2009)

  1. I think kareena & Saif look extremely good together. kurbaan is the best film i have watched in a long time definately 2009 best film. Hats off to the on screen romantic presecence that sizzled!!!! The acting of Kareena, Vivek & Saif is an award winner of 2009. I hope to c kareena & Saif together in more future films.

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