Kashmera Shah Kashensuous 2011 Calendar Pictures

Kashmera Shah Kashensuous 2011 Calendar Pictures. Item Girl Kashmira Shah is turning the heat with her latest photo shoot where she bars it all in a bid to revive her career and get some attention so that she can get some roles as item girl. Kashmera is a forgotten item girl and her all attempts had proved to be boomeranged. There is very little possibility that she will able to revive this time with this. Checkout Kashmera Shah Calendar 2011.


One thought on “Kashmera Shah Kashensuous 2011 Calendar Pictures

  1. The pics are awesome. Kashmira is a hot Indian woman who can really compete with any international super model. Her boldness is really appreciating. But she should have been presented in a sexy saree for a month atleast.

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