Bollywood Magazine Scans Filmfare Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif – Filmfare Magazine (October 2010)

Katrina Kaif – Filmfare Magazine (October 2010). Katrina Kaif features on the cover of Filmfare Magazine for the month of October 2010. Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan relationship seems back on track or I would say it was just a plot to show differences between them for some cheap publicity. In the edition Filmfare throws the light on Katrina Kaif rise from nowhere when she started her career with movie like BOOM. Checkout Katrina Kaif Filmfare.

2 thoughts on “Katrina Kaif – Filmfare Magazine (October 2010)

  1. Katrina you look so beautiful but you are doing stupidity by leaving Salman khan he is the best guy for you.

  2. NOPE!!!! Katrina has done the right thing…. Katrina you are a head strong person so live your life the way you want…. someday or the other u will get the man who will truly love you and understand you….

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