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Love Aaj Kal is a Family Entertainment Movie

Love Aaj Kal is a Family Entertainment Movie. There has been a huge buzz in the film industry and media circles about Deepika Padukone’s lip lock with her Love Aaj Kal co-star Saif Ali Khan in their film.


Imtiaz Ali openly admits that his upcoming “Love Aaj Kal”, which stars Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, has unabashed kissing scenes and shows the lead actors mouthing expletives, but the director insists that it will still be a complete family entertainer.

The director says he has included the so-called objectionable scenes in the movie’s promos so that people are already used to it by the time they see the film.

“See, it’s the way you put it in the film and treat it. It’s up to the filmmaker not to make his film some fodder for perversion or lechery.” Ali told IANS.

Ali promises that “Love Aaj Kal”, which is Saif’s production debut, is a film that would be accepted by an entire family.

“Kisses included,” he winks. “Nobody will feel inhibited watching ‘Love Aaj Kal’. No one will hesitate walking into the film with his family. All that is potentially objectionable in the film in the strictest of sense has been taken care of in the first promo. If you have warmed up on it, rest assured you will love ‘Love Aaj Kal’,” the filmmaker said.

“Love Aaj Kal” is his third love story after “Socha Na Tha” and the blockbuster “Jab We Met”.

But there were people around Ali who weren’t too comfortable with the idea of showing Saif trying to hold Deepika’s butt, then share an unabashed kiss with her in the car and also mouth Hinglish expletives on a date right in the promo itself.

“They thought that people may get an impression that the film was only about these things but I had my own viewpoint,” explains Ali.

“My argument is that audiences are really smart. They pretty much see the intention of the filmmaker and make up their mind to watch the film accordingly. We better start taking them seriously rather than attempt at fooling them by considering ourselves over smart,” he says.

To substantiate his claim, Ali goes on to share an anecdote from his experience during the making of “Jab We Met”, which starred Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor.

“Remember the sequence in the second half of the film when Kareena curses her ex-boyfriend on phone? She goes on to say ‘Teri Maa Ki’ and a lot more. Did the audience feel awkward? Not at all. In fact they laughed during the entire scene and not a single soul came and told me that he/she felt offended by the language,” Ali reasons.

The director, however, admits that for “Love Aaj Kal”, the prime target audience is the younger crowd.

“And that’s more by accident rather than planned,” he says. “The film caters to them mainly because it’s this age group that goes and sees films in theatres. Due to this, even when I am conceptualising a film and then putting it on celluloid, I feel safe from my target audience perspective,” he explains.

With music by Pritam and lyrics by Irshad Kamil, “Love Aaj Kal” is all set to a bumper release on a July 31.

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