Bollywood Magazine Scans Mallika Sherawat Stardust

Mallika Sherawat – Stardust Magazine (May 2009)

Mallika Sherawat on the cover of Stardust Magazine May 2009. Bollywood bombshell Mallika Sherawat gives another shock in last couple of days by openly accepting her pre-films marriage which till date only a mystry. Few days back she was in news with Mallika Milkshake , she addmited that prior to join bollywood , she was married and her in-laws  were against movies. So she take divorce to join movie. This can also make other rumor correct about her age and now we can say that she is 37 years old not 28 years as she clamied to be. Enjoy the cover of Stardust with Mallika Sherawat.


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