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Neha Dhupia – FHM India (July 2011)

Neha Dhupia – FHM India (July 2011). Neha Dhupia Features On The Cover Of FHM Magazine’s Indian edition for the month of July 2011. Neha’s dress could spark political controversy in the nation. With “Swiss Bank Ki Lorry” tag on the top is unnecessary and should be avoided, politics is not job of b-town babes business unless they make their intention public. Anyway checkout Neha Dhupia FHM.

4 thoughts on “Neha Dhupia – FHM India (July 2011)

  1. Neha after her alleged break off with Ritwik looks great. She is going to rock the world,in her own sexy style.

  2. Neha you are an actress and not a political reformer. You look great but that tag is unnecessary. Is there any scarcity of meaty roles so you are trying your hand at controversies to get fame. Neha be an actress and not a reformer.

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