Bollywood Mugdha Godse Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka and Mugdha at Promotional event for "Fashion"

Gorgeous Priyanka Chopra‘s dream run continue for the month as she make another public appearance in this month and just before the Diwali. As we all know Priyanka’s movie “Fashion” is going to release on New year i.e 29th October. And she is desperately eying for success with this movie as her couple of last movie faild badly like Drona and Champku. Priyanka Chopra , her co star like Mugdha Godse and the director of the movie Madhur Bhandarker gather for a party hosted by Gitanjali Group. And for your information let me once again tell you that “Fashion” got “A” Certificate from Censored Board Of India 😀

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