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Rani Mukerji – Filmfare Magazine (April 2011)

Rani Mukerji – Filmfare Magazine (April 2011). Rani Mukerji Features On The Cover Of Filmfare Magazine for the month of April 2011. Filmfare Magaizne will be available for public on March 30. In the issue, Rani talked about her fallout with Bachchan family and Aditya Chopra whom she is dating at present but refused to acknowledge. Anyway Checkout Rani Mukerji Filmfare.

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  1. Rani it is really nice to see you come back so nicely in No One Killed Jessica and deliver such a power packed performance. Indeed the role suited you nicely and after acting so nicely in the movie you like yesteryear’s cricketer Mahinder Amarnath can be called the come back girl of Bollywood. Do good films and make your fans happy . About your personal life we respect your personal sphere and whether you are in a relationship with Adi or not is entirely different issue but I must say that you are one of the most powerful actresses of recant times. Atta girl way to go.

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