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Rani Mukherjee – L’Officiel India (July 2010)

Rani Mukherjee – L’Officiel India (July 2010). Rani Mukerji features on the cover of L’Officiel Magazine’s India edition for the month of July 2010. Rani Mukherjee strap less golden color gown for the cover. Rani again changed the spelling of her surname, I don’t think that gonna help her to turn her fortune which is forceful retirement, though she want to rule bollywood but no one seems to be interested in her. Checkout Rani Mukerji L’Officiel Magazine.

6 thoughts on “Rani Mukherjee – L’Officiel India (July 2010)”

  1. Hi Mr. Ignorant… She is being using Mukerji for quite a long now… And she still rules…She is looking beautiful… She is still the actress who did Black… Dont worry.. the losers like you saying Noone is interested in her wont change the fact that you losers post her pics and news in your websites…

  2. @EFA and @Gaurav,

    She ruined her career herself by sticking to Aaditya Chopra Camp, she got success outside that camp as well there is no question over her success in past, I posted about her current situation.

  3. Administrator should concentrate on the flops of the current so-called glam squad which for some reason seem to be regarded as ‘A-List actresses’ – more like overhyped cow parade. The Katrinas., Kareenas, Priyankas, Deepikas will never attain the heights that Rani has achieved…she will always be an actress par-excellance. Like Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett she has never needed her popularity to sell her movies, the quality of her work speaks for themselves. Looking at the flops of so-called actresses such as ashwariya, katrina…they give acting a bad name. However, their personal lives more than make up for their flops at the BO…funny how no-one made a bruha of Raavan starring the so-called ‘Brangelina” of Bollywood..even their star-power could not mar their bad acting. Bollywood’s resident barbies Kareena and Katrina have been piggybacking on the starpower of their male counterparts for years. Kareena winning for 3 idiots proves my point….her 20 minute stint hardly credited her for a best actress award, but in Bollywood it’s all sparkle no substance…no wonder Bollywood film awards are often laughed at by their own peers, simply it is these actresses that reduce the credibility of the awards when they are nominated. Rani will still reign supreme long after the Katrinas, ashes, Kareenas take their last curtain call…hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

  4. Hi SZM,

    I like constructive comment , with regards to your comments, I do had criticize Raavan, Kurbaan etc, its not just i do for Rani, She had extraordinary acting skills as well, what i said is the current situation of her . She is going from bad patch since 2-3 years and most of her last movies are flop , thats reality. Lets all of us wish, Rani makes come back, but reality is that its bit difficult if not impossible.

  5. i disagree with your sentence that no one interested with her..
    hey, what’s the sentence is that?? many people here (indonesian) are still interested with her, they are waiting for Rani’s new movie NO ONE KILLED JESSICA. you said that her movies (for 2-3 years) are flop, that’s right.. but dont you realize that she has very good acting in those movies??
    all of Rani fanatic fans are waiting for her rock acting.

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