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Tabu – Vogue India (January 2009)

Tabu will be seen as cover girl for Vogue magazine’s Indian Edition for the month of January 2009. She come from no where to do this cover. She was not in news not even anywhere. I still confused why vogue selected her as cover girl. But on this i can say that Tabu is on the cover in a pale while strapless gown, its was moster shot by Prasad Naik. Tabu never look appealing this much as she is on the cover. 😀

here is a cover for you.


Picture in Extra high resolution.

3 thoughts on “Tabu – Vogue India (January 2009)

  1. Fantastic info, Really impressive in terms of content and HQ Pics. I have found the entire article on tabu very interesting and worth reading. I would def recommend others to visit this website atleast once.

  2. She is Divine !
    I am proud of this Greatest Actress, She have so much HONOUR and She is Worthy to win BOLLYWOOD WORL, India, USA and The Whole Ground …

    Regards Tabassum

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