Photoshoot Tabu Vogue

Vogue Photoshoot – Tabu Makeover

Tabu – A name that is almost forgotten in Bollywood streets, comes in talk due to recent cover page of Vogue Magazine, as we seen Tabu’s on Vogue Jan 2009 Cover. We all waiting to see full photoshoot. This photoshoot once again confirmed that these girls are ready to go to any extent to survive in Bollywood. No one would have expected that Tabu will go this far, but you can check at what extent she gone, Now big question , will she continue this kinda act or it will turn one shoot wonder ? Enjoy the photoshoot. If you like our updates do subscribe via email form.

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3 thoughts on “Vogue Photoshoot – Tabu Makeover”

  1. Hi All,
    what has gone over the minds of these bollywood actresses.Do they ever think ,what kind of feelings they arouse in youngsters?There should be a self check over these things & if they don’t ,they should be behave properly.
    May be,I am overreacting,but I see so many misbehavings happening in our country.Girls are not supposed to behave like this .

  2. Totally agree with @Jlts.

    This clearly shows that these insensible actress can clinch to any means to fame up themselves.
    this surely aint’t a good sign! ….Is India on the verge of pynioing its cultural roots?

  3. you guys are uploading these pictures for everyone to see. If they want to see or not its there choice. Nobody is asking you to pass moral judgement on these or anything done in the personal capacity as a law abiding citizen of india.
    I hope you will learn to respect personal freedom and not be judgemental. Just enjoy these pictures as they have come after a long time and and hope to see more of them!!!

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